Pacific City Vet Care

At Pacific City Veterinary Care we strive to offer comprehensive coverage for your furry loved ones. This includes routine spay and neuter surgery. Studies over the past few years have shown that the appropriate age for spay and neuter may be dependent on your pet's breed and sex. We're here to help you design a timeline specific to you and your pet. We can also make recommendations for prophylactic surgery at time of spay or neuter, such as gastropexy, for specific breeds that are at increased risk for gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV).

Our team is also passionate about the other aspects of surgery that are not uncommon in the lifetime of your pet, such as diagnostic surgery including biopsies, mass removals, amputation, foreign body removal, gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), splenectomy, cystotomy, cesarean and pyometra. Please contact us with specific questions about any other procedures your pet may need so we may discuss a treatment plan.

For all anesthetic procedures we recommend pre-anesthetic laboratory testing to help ensure the safety of your pet. Your pet will have full anesthetic monitoring and a dedicated team from the time they arrive to when they're going home. Discharge instructions will be provided and reviewed with you before your pet leaves the clinic. We will make plans for follow-up care as needed.

As we do not have staff to monitor your pet 24 hours, the procedures done at Pacific City Veterinary Care are considered 'outpatient procedures' and your pet will go home by the end of the day. For patients who have been hospitalized during the day and require continued monitoring, support and treatment, we will discuss recommendations and help you to arrange continued care at a 24-hour hospital in the area.