Pacific City Vet Care

The medical needs of your pet change throughout their life. At Pacific City Veterinary Care, we understand the different challenges and needs during the different life stages of your pet. As our pets age, they require more frequent checkups and closer monitoring. 'Senior' is defined at different ages for different breeds and species. In general, for dogs and cats, once they're over the age of 7, they are close to entering their senior years. We recommend wellness exams every 6 months, or twice a year, and updating diagnostic tests such as screening lab tests on a similar basis. Early diagnosis is key to managing, and potentially reversing, many health conditions, such as thyroid disease, kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, and cancer, which are more likely to develop in older pets. Diagnostics may include a full examination, blood and urine testing, blood pressure measurement, diagnostic x-ray, ultrasound, and surgical biopsy.

Our team is here to create a tailored treatment plan for your pet.